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how do you mask circles on a model plane? Answered

I am making a model tiger moth, and on the camo scheme, it showes that the bottom half of the airplane is yellow, and the top half is a green and brown camo. however, one of the circular decals go half in the yellow and half in the camo scheme, but the circular decal has a yellow brder. ( easier to just look at the pic) anyways, since i did a base coat of yellow, and i masked it off to paint the camo. so how can i mask of a perfect circle?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It's hard to say how big your model is but assuming a reasonable size. Stick some masking tape onto a pane of glass - a window will do. then put a coin of a suitable size on the tape and cut round with a sharp craft knife.

Rrepeat with other sizes to get the circles you need then lift up the edge with the knife and carefully peel back - Use this to mask the area you need to paint.

IF the tape isn't wide enough then stick as many strips as you need side by side allowing a slight over lap. these may help as well