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how do you open a 3rd generation ipod touch Answered

both my children have new  3rd gen ipod touches, but how long will the rechargable battery inside last? would it be easy to replace in the future?


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11 years ago

Those batteries will last long enough t'ill the new apple craze and your kids want the new improved ipod ;)

But in all seriousness. The battery won't be a problem for a very long time. Just make sure that the first three times you charge the ipod the battery was completely depleted (so the ipod just shut off and when you recharge it you'll get a white apple symbol before getting to the recharging battery image)

This will make the battery very strong and will highten the life of the battery.

Opening is not possible anymore I'm afraid. Trying to open it will prove impossible without damaging it and if it works it'll void your warranty. I heard something about a special stick you need to put in the soundplug and that will open the backside but these are not sold in stores and only the applefactories have them. I'm afraid that in the event your battery does die you're better of buying a new one since replacing a battery outside warrantyperiod will cost as much as buying a new one.

Hope this helped,