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how do you open the rear door with the lock broken & door is shut Answered


1. buy a 50000 roll of black cats.
2. take all the powder out of all of them.
3. place powder in pvc pipe
4. tightly compress and add fuse
5. place device by door
7. light fuse and run away
8. realize you skipped step 6
9. realize there is no step 6
10. return to find door open


8 years ago

If it was me? I'd either call a lock smith, take the car to a dealership, or pull the interior trim from the door panel and override the lock mechanism, then pull the lock and either have a key made or replace the unit.

Of course, that means having entry into the vehicle in the first place.


8 years ago

If it is the back door from a house that you are talking about then from experience I can suggest using a hacksaw blade (preferably in a hacksaw handle but it can be wrapped in cloth.)

http:// http://www.teng.co.uk/704-teng-tools-hacksaw-blade-holder_367_pd.asp

Back doors usually have a mortice deadlock and from the inside of the house you will be able to see the bolt between the door and the door frame; Slide the hacksaw blade into this gap and saw the bolt away; I think that they are usually brass and it only takes about ten minutes.

When you are through you will be able to open the door and replace the lock, which is very simple to do. 

This method causes no damage to the door.

Or you could try this. . . 


Good luck.


Answer 8 years ago

If you have a good deadbolt, this method will not work as there are pins in them that spin on things like hack saw blades preventing someone from sawing through.

(I used to work at a building supply store, and asked the guys in hardware one time why some locks are more expensive than others.)


8 years ago

If it's a car door, climb over the seat and open it from the inside - unless the child-lock is on, all car doors open from the inside, even if locked.

If it's a house door, go in the front, and remove the lock from the inside.


8 years ago

Try and remove the inner lining from the door. You will need to remove handles/armrests/winders etc, if the door has any. The liner should then pull off.

It is most likely held in place with push in type clips that can be levered off with a thin, flat piece of metal bent at 90 degrees to hook behind the panel and pull. Start at the bottom and work up to the window as the liner can curve over the top of the door and be attached to the window rubber.

Once the internals are exposed you should be able to see the operating rod for the lock and catch.
Also the lock barrel on many cars is easily removed from the inside. Have a look and see what you can see. I'm not familiar with your model of vehicle.


Answer 8 years ago

I just realised a Sequoia is a hatch back. If that's the door you cant open, I don't know what to tell you except that if you want to start tearing into it yourself, find out which parts are the most expensive before you break something.

By the way, is it possible to access the nader bolt (I think that is the name of that "u" shaped thing the rear door latch locks into) from under the car, or by removing the rear bumper? Maybe you can undo it?

Sorry I can't help, maybe check out the related instructables on the right of this page.


8 years ago

When in doubt, call a lock smith..

Once I came home only to find out my neighbour had inserted his key to the building upside down and twisted till it broke off and then he just left. I couldn't get into the building so I called a locksmith and 15 minutes (and 50 €) later I was back inside. I did get my neighbour to pay for it in the end though ;)


8 years ago

Assuming this is a house door - Drill the lock out so it can be removed.


8 years ago

A large hammer can work, strike where the lock is.



8 years ago

With minimum damage :-)