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how do you pick up the signal from the chest strap of an un-coded heart rate monitor? Answered

I've got a Polar heart rate monitor, which includes a chest strap and a watch. The strap sends out an RF pulse for each heartbeat it detects. These pulses then get counted and then displayed by the watch on your wrist. I would like to be able to intercept this RF pulse and do my own thing with it. My initial idea is a treadmill-mounted device that displays the current heart rate and at least some sort of min/max display, indicating when you are in the ideal HR zone. I think I know how to build the device, but the first step of intercepting the pulses has got me stumped. Anybody know the specifications of the strap and how to get the signal? Thanks!


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11 years ago

You will need to know the brand and model, and possibly ask for the frequency at your doctors office but I doubt they will give it to you. Then it's a whole other complicated matter to create a duplicate device to grab, decode and display the info. I would try to find a treadmill that supports that. I don't know what else. Sorry I can't offer more help.