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how do you set up a wind generator ,like with the battries. what parts do i need to get for it to be use to run a house? Answered

im making a generator and need to know stuff with that please help me




10 years ago

You'll need a windy site, tower, cables, generator, blades,batteries, inverter,battery room and time and knowledge to manage the system. And it is a system where each part must be chosen carefully to make the system work efficiently. You have to calculate what is the minimum electricity that you can get by with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It's all based on a bunch of averages since there are times when the wind doesn't blow for most people. Where I live it is windy most of the time. But most nights is just a small breeze and some days there is almost no wind at all so I probably couldn't go completely off the grid. The most I could do is to do a partial. Batteries are expensive and have to be maintained or at least check often. The more batteries you have the more electricity you can use. To turn that battery power into useable electricity for most people you will need what is called an inverter. An inverter takes the raw DC from the batteries and turns it into AC that you refrigerator and washer and dryer etc. can use. An inverter for a small 1000 sq. ft. house cost about $2000. It would be nice to have two inverters using one for overloads and to have a backup. Inverters are full of electronic parts and won't be easy to get fixed in a hurry and if the inverter is down the system won't work. Most of the rest of the system is easily fixed or replaced. You need to decide if you want to be totally off the grid of just supplement the system. Totally off is easier. You just wire the house from the inverters and never hook up to the utility company. If you want to have access to both there are "switches" that need to be installed between your system and the utility company's wiring. This is usually done at you meter. This is done to protect your neighbors from any problem that you may be causing on the line and to protect the electric company's workmen. If they are working on the line, they expect that when the turn off their grid that it's not going to be powered up by someone's windmill. You could run a home without the inverters. There are some home appliances that run on 12 volts. Look at some of the equipment made for RV's. You can get lights easy that run on 12 V. That way you would just hook all of your batteries in parellel. There would be no benefit to go higher than 12V. since ref. and air conditioning need AC to work. You could possibly work out something for heating at a higher voltage but electric heating on wind power is very extravagant. You'd be better off looking into a wood burning or other heat source and maybe using electric as an emergency backup. If you site is not windy enough you could use panels of solar cells in combination with the wind power. Unless you're pretty knowledgeable about house wiring you're going to get pretty friendly with an electrician since all of this equipment has to be hooked up in a safe and code friendly way. It's not impossible to generate your own electricity, but it a lot of work. Your system has to be planned properly and parts bought with suitability in mind and not bought by looking in the price column. You will have to give up some things like being really cool in the summer, being able to leave all the lights on that you want, hand washing dishes, hanging cloths on a line etc. But maybe that's a good thing. Finally, those people who say the built a wind mill out of an old car fan and hooked it up to an old alternator hung it on a piece of TV antenna pipe. Then made an inverter out of an old TV and used recycled batteries from a bunch of drills and hooked it all up into a system. Then cut the wires from the grid are either telling a tall tale or are living on another planet. It can't be done that way. Good luck with whatever project you come up with.