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how do you wire 2 outlets togeter? Answered

just how do you wire 2 outlets together. i am trying to make 2 quad boxes for my Christmas lights




9 years ago

I have some limitations in what I do: I'm in an apartment with 2 prong outlets. The kitchen has 3 prong outlets but there is no ground wire but there is a GFI outlet at the beginning of that run, so I see how the kitchen is allowed to have 3 prong outlets with no connection to ground.
Question one: Does it make any sense, or is it a hazard, to connect a wire from neutral to ground in these 3 prong outlets?

I have no access to run a ground wire to any outlet.

I want to replace the 2 prong outlets in the living areas with 3 prong outlets. The practice is to use the 2-prong to 3-prong adapters to plug 3 prong plugs into these outlets.

Compared to using the adapters everywhere, do I have either of these 2 options:
1. replace outlets with 3 prong outlets and leave the ground unconnected (which seems to be the same as using the 3prong-to-2prong adapters)?

2. replace with 3 prong outlets and connect the outlet's ground to the neutral wire (as well as connecting the neutral to the outlet's neutral connection).

Hope this helps!


9 years ago

You will notice most outlets have BRASS screws on one side and SILVERISH screws on the other side.  Also,  one wire is WHITE .. the other is BLACK.  ALSO.... notice one outlet slot is WIDE slotted and the other is more NARROW...  When wiring connect the WHITE to the WIDE SIDE (silver screw)  ...... and connect the BLACK wire to BRASS screw (narrow slot). 

Don't try to wire unless you turn off fuse or breaker feeding that outlet first for safety.  The GREEN wire (or bare wire) is GROUND.  When finished and breaker is turned back on.... ALWAYS check your wiring with a wiring testplug that lights up 3 lights to indicate PROPER wiring to the hot, neutral, and ground. you must check it because
a mistake can cause a shock hazard to anything plugged into that outlet. 

SOME outlets use color-wires other than black and white.  Always connect the HOT wire to the NARROW slotted side.  Black wire is hot, white is NOT.
If the house is OLD OLD then it may have CLOTH wire that looks like both
wires are BLACK.  In this case, use a voltage detector probe or neon indicator to determine which of the 2 black cloth-covered wires are HOT. 
then connect the HOT wire to the narrow slotted (brass) screws.   That covers outlets in USA... in other countries I don't know what they use or if their system is similar to ours???