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how hot is a laser cutter beam? Answered

How hot is a laser cutter beam? I was thinking of using a magnifying glass and the sun to burn into metal or stone. 

And when I say magnifying glass I meant using a giant frens lense

Overall my goal is to carve into metal, stone or brick.



Best Answer 8 years ago

A laser beam travelling through air isn't hot.  Heat is caused by the dissipation of the energy in the beam when it hits an object.

You can use a large FRESNEL LENS from a projection TV to focus the sun onto a spot to achieve very high temperatures,

Another way is to build a solar furnace - not necessarily as big as THIS ONE using mirrors to concentrate sunlight from a large area onto one spot.


Answer 8 years ago

yeah i was thinking of using one of those methods, i just wrote the question fast. But could you cut into metal stone or brick?


8 years ago

If you look at the YouTube videos, some of those show a lens like that melting coins and burning holes in the concrete underneath.


8 years ago

I have a  18" x 18"  x 1/4"  Fresnel lens ( poly plastic ) that fuses sand on a clear day
( Please use welding goggles ).

A Fresnel lens is made by removing the uneeded part of a ordinary heavy
lens, that I could not lift leaving the working surface of a lens with a thin profile.



8 years ago

A laser beam isnt hot, the surface it hits gets hot (if it's powerful). And I'm afraid you wont get very far using an ordinary magnifying glass and the sun to cut into metal.