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how i can make i Programmer to program the Atmega16? Answered

I need programmer but in my Zone i don't have any store or supermarket to sell a programmer 'Atmega16' but i have some store sell Electronic parts.
i need way to Invention  a programmer




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10 years ago

The simplest AVR programmer you can make requires only a computer with a parallel port, a connector (for the port) and a couple resistors.

It's called a DAPA programmer, and instructions can be found here and here.

If you don't have a parallel port, some programming hardware can use a serial port instead. Otherwise, you'll have to buy a commercially-built USB programmer.

Note that the first two examples are not specifically programming an ATmega16. However, the hardware (programmer) is the same. The only difference is compiling the code, and instructions fed to the programming software (avrdude).

But here's another one which does use the ATmega16 as the target.

Another note: some of these older pages use the uisp programming software instead of avrdude. But uisp hasn't been updated in 5 or 6 years, so avrdude is a much better choice.