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how long can ticks live without blood? Answered

i was just in a park where one tick bit me on the neck. i removed it. while i was driving home i saw another tick crawling on my hand. i freaked out and scraped the tick on the nearest thing on my car (the cup holder). i then pulled over and looked for it and i couldn't find it. i tried again and i still couldn't find it. and yes i've done the google search for it but the info is so varied some say 1 month and some say 2 years. i don't know if it's a soft bodied or hard bodied tick, but i believe it's a hard bodied tick. it was about the size of a headphone jack port, ya know like on an iPod where you plug the headphones into? it was that size. and it was dark colored like brown or black. keep in mind i had already had one bite me i wasn't going to sit there and examine the thing to try to determine what kind it was. if it can survive a long time is there a way i can kill it? the only thing i could think of is fumigation- and i'm not fumigating my car.


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11 years ago

You'll be fine... Here's what you do. Go in you're car... When you get home, check yourself for it, If you find it, flush it down the toilet... Unless it is sucking your blood for a day you'll be fine.