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how long untill my sunburst platy gives birth? Answered

I have been able to see the babies eyeballs inside the mothers stomache for about 4 days now she also looks like she swallowed a marble and is swimming up and down the wall of the tank she also doesnt seem to have much intrest in food how long will it be untill she gives birth? oh and she also has the white ball near her anal fin




Best Answer 10 years ago

If she is really pregnant, it should only be a few more days or so. Make sure it is isolated if there are other fish in the tank and separate the babies once they are born so the mom doesn't eat them! You probably already knew that though.


9 years ago

i have a question My mickey mouse platy has been pregnant for quite some time now, she is quite big i put her in the birthing chamber, about 3 days ago, she is just slowly getting bigger, i dont know how long left, it's like she doesn't want them because she gets thinner, then fatter, then thinner. Also the male platy is allways just waiting outside the birthing chamber. Do you know how long left?