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how much potassium nitrate should i use to speed growth of watermelon seedlings? Answered

Hi, I have several KG's of potassium nitrate, and am currectly growing watermelons, among other plants, however my concern is mostly with the watermelons.

I live in mackay, tropical queensland, the sun here is very harsh, and when the wind blows, well, its pretty hard.
i have only a limited amount of time before these seedlings use up all the nutrients in their dirt, (they are currently in an egg carton filled with dirt), and each their maximum size before they start to starve.
I want to know, how much potassium nitrate i can use to boost their growth to get them as big as possible for when they go outside. Where i live, the house is pretty aerodynamic, you exprenice windyness from all four sides, so i need them as strong as possible for that time that i plant them outside, in large individual pots, until theyve grown enough to be planted around my spoon drain.

Anyway, i need to get them to grow ALLOT, and i have the potassium nitrate, however, nitrate is toxic to plants, so i need to know what a safe quantity might be. im not asking for the exact best value, but just anything that will aid in boosting growth before they get repotted would be great.


also, my tomatos, black russian and some random huge tomato, is growing very slowly, would nitrate help them also?
and pumpkin, when the seed sprouted, part of the seed was dead, and so two starter leaves were bound together, and died, leaving it leafless. new leaves are starting to appear, but not fast enough as its turning yellow, again, would nitrate help?



6 years ago

Well forget watermelons. get some sugar and make r candy (rocket candy). but if you are so adiment. Potassium nitrate us a stump remove so i think you got wrong stuff


Answer 6 years ago

I agree with the rocket candy idea, but, FYI, potassium nitrate *is* a common fertiliser, as well as stump-remover.


Answer 6 years ago

im well aware of that, hence the term toxic, however its also a powerful fertilizer, and i really need to boost the growth, i know it would work, i just dont know what kind of quantities are ok. too much nitrate causes decay in the roots.