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how much psi does galvanized steel hold, in compresed air? Answered

looking foward to making a spud gun out of metal, for high psi
i know that pcv holds about 40-50 psi i want more bang for the buck

well i whas thinking of making a tube 1" gun of galvanised steel ,
pvc here is like $ 2-3 usd a tube that has like 2-3 meters, but i tought i could hold more psi in steel and there fore trow stuff  at long distance



4 years ago

Dont forget that co2 is rated at 850 psi.


8 years ago

So long as you don't use dvw (foam) pvc or abs, you should be capable of up to 200psi (not advisable, but doable). 100psi is relatively safe so long as you never allow it to get too cold or hot, and never drop it.

On mine personally I've assembled a shrapnel guard of rope tightly wrapped around the pipe to contain any catastrphic failure.

Steel as others say is HUGELY more complex to build, super heavy, expensive -- but can hold 1000 psi with ease.

As for spud guns, you won't see a huge difference in your backyard variety going from 100 to 200 psi - both are more powerful than you can safely comprehend/build valves for.


8 years ago

How thick? 1" plate steel will hold lots of pressure, but you won't be able to lift it. Typical home compressed-air tanks will hold 300 PSI and I'd bet they're around 1/16" or less (but don't hold me to that; I'm just guessing based on weight).

When counting bang for buck, remember that steel costs more bucks to assemble the parts. On the other hand, remember that standard hardware-store PVC is NOT rated for pressure and can fail explosively.