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how to add the password lock and detecting the photo in your android app? Answered

i am very happy to see your project video " Tracking and Controlling your car remotely using Arduino and Android", because i am searching long time for this thing only since i am doing the project exactly what you did but with some small modifications,the modifications which i made from your project  is i used touch screen based vehicle ignition that is, i connected the android app and vehicle like same as what u did but instead arduino i using 8051 micro-controller, so after the key injects to the vehicle android will asks for password and after verifying password successfully the engine will starts and in case of wrong password alert message will be send to personal mobile, and after that all things are same as your project, and finally i used to detect the photo also which you proposed in your project video, so i need your help in how to add this touchscreen password and image detection in the app...for your information i know the basics in developing android app so if i get the guidance(help) surely i will do my project successfully...we will develop the hardware and asm code for this project but struck up in the android app only......so please kindly help me sir.



4 years ago

Who is directed at? If this is to an instructable video you saw you may want to add a comment in the instructable.