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how to add usb port to this flash ligt? Answered

ive got this flashlight. my questions are?

1. how can i add usb port to this flash light?
2. it got 3 AAA battery and i used rechargeable. how do i be able to recharge the battery using usb?
3. what is this flash light? a led? lumen? laser?

never those backgrounds... ;)


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10 years ago

3 AAA batteries work out to about 4.5 volts so it would be slightly underpowered.  Maybe ok for and emergency charge but won't get anywhere near full power.

Here's a pinout diagram of usb.

Without some sort of current limiter you could ruin what ever you are trying to charge or just drain your batteries and end up with nothing charged.


Answer 10 years ago

ok. maybe ill better charge the batt with my charger. ;)

can i solder this flashlight to a usb. i mean make it an usb flashlight? How?

just like what i did with these 8 leds.

by the way thanks for the caution.....