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how to build a portable speaker (for ipod) with a 10w speaker, 9v battery and a male adaptor, plz help!! :(? Answered

i am attempting (but failing) to build y own portable speakers
im trying to use a 4ohms / 10 watt speaker with a 9 volt battery and a male jack for my ipod
i have assembled it all to the best of my knowledge but when i put the battery on the bare wires (testing if it works), ipod says music is playing but the speaker has other ideas.

this is my first build of my own and i can't get past this problem :'(
any help would be much apreciated :)


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9 years ago

I don't see any mention of an amplifier - the Ipod will NOT drive the speaker directly. Where does the battery feature in this ?

What circuit are you using ?