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how to build an inverter Answered

I want to know how to build an inverter upto 5kva



4 years ago

If you have to ask how to build one you are definately better off buying one.

Small scale with about 200W no problem, for your range we are talking serious power levels and heavy duty components.

All you need is to chop the DC input into a high frequency AC output for stage one.

Stage two does the same in reverse.

Stage three creates a nice sine wave from the high voltage DC and makes sure it is 50/60Hz, if it feeds into mains power it also makes sure the phase is in sync with the mains.

I seriuosly doubt that you get the parts for the price of a complete unit and without decent electronic skills and equippment you will blow up more parts than you can count.


4 years ago

What skill level are you at with electricity and electronics?