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how to compare two stepper motors with the same torque based on other parameters like current, inductance etc? Answered

I am looking for NM 23, 425 oz-in stepper. I found two in eBay for the same price one from wantai and another from OSM, with different current, inductance, resistance and weight. I need guidance to select.



Best Answer 2 years ago

Depends on what your application needs.

For instance if top speed is important I would choose the one with the lower inductance... If acceleration without slipping is important then lower resistance and higher current might work better.

The number of leads decides the motor driver circuitry and perhaps half-step ability..


2 years ago

What do you need us to guide?
Both motors turn, both motors offer the same torque...
So far you are the only one who knows what the purpose of the motor might be.
Unless you feel like sharing it is quite hard to give good advise.


Answer 2 years ago

Then again it depends more on the drive type and what you need to do with it.
For example a small CNC to use a Dremel on some circuit board does not even need a Nema17 although for ease of use most people do anyway.
To do serious work on aluminium or even steel you would prever a servo drive over any stepper motor.
I doubt the two motors you listed will differ enough to make a real world difference in their usage.
Keep in mind most of the work is done by the driver anyway and the fast a stepper motor runs the less torque is available.