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how to convert an LCD monitor to touch screen Answered

hello guys I am looking for the way to build a panel to convert any screen to touch the idea is basically like the frames that I leave in the video that in theory would be infrared led or any more practical and functional idea is also appreciated.

if you ask and why not buy it before you get into this whole thing? well unfortunately those who live in South America and more in my country is practically impossible to buy products especially when they come from outside :(






1 year ago


There are as you say a lot of DIY touch screens projects out there.

As a minimum you're going to need a microprocessor + programming to do this will that be possible if products are hard to source?

I would plough through the DIY projects and see what fits your ability and materials.


Answer 1 year ago

Hi, thanks for your response if there are many videos through there but the majority uses the projector and camera in that sense if it would be clear, the case is that I look for something like this video:

it would be an infrared frame if it were in the right it would be IR emitters and receivers one for each side x and y, I have software that is for an IR keyboard that is projected on the surface I am vieno the way that it can serve me for this purpose

PS: A thousand apologies for my English if it is something strange, greetings ..


1 year ago

I used to work with a sonic (but could be light) X,Y transducer that could locate a finger position above a glass screen and passed the info to a mouse port...