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how to convery a self propelled lawn mower into a snow pusher, with blade? how wide balde, how to lift blade Answered

You have a lawn mower for summer. You remove the grass blade, you create a snow plow blade and a frame to attach it temporarily to the lawn mower, then use the lawn mower as the source of power to blad snow off driveway, walks, side walks etc. Concern would be at what point would  belts begin to slip, or get jammed up. Don't know id anyone has tried it.



7 years ago

Yes, it's been done. see video here:


8 years ago

depending on the lawnmower, they may be direct drive (drive shaft), belt drive, or have a slipping belt and possibly a couple other configurations. If adjusted properly, they wheels should still be able to spin even if you have the front of the mower against a solid object. I'm not up on my physics, be maybe if you attached a pull type scale to the handle and had the mower driving, it would tell you how much pull it has, which could be translated into how much you could push?

Lawn mowers also rely on the blades to help keep the engine by centrifugal force. Trying to start a lawnmower with a blade on is very different and a lot easier then trying to start a mower with no blade.

I would also be concerned about mower warm up times, and would like change the engine oil to a 5w-30

I personally don't think much more achievement would be had over hand shovelling, If a small snowplow was lucrative, I think you would find more on the market, but usually the smallest thing with a snow blade is an ATV or ridem tractor. HOWEVER if someone built one, I would definitely be interested and look at it.


8 years ago

Does the mower collect the grass?

Could you remove the collection bag/box, point the chute to the side, and simply "mow" the snow out of the way?