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how to delete blocked contacts in msn messenger? Answered

i need to delete blocked contacts from my msn messenger. my boy friend want to have my password, i just want to delete old contacts...even they are sitting in block list. please help.



10 years ago

just right click and go to delete


10 years ago

Ok, first off... boyfriend or not... nobody but you should know your password.

In the latest version of MSN messenger, this is the process... The process is much the same for older versions as well.

First start with the main screen (your contacts) click the following items in order:
1. "Show menu" That's the third of the three icons to the right of the search box.
2. "Tools"
3. "Options"
4. "Privacy" This is on the left side of the new window, near the bottom.

You should now see a list of allowed names and a list of blocked names. The next step is to right click each of the names in your block list and click "delete." Do this one-by-one, and when the box is empty, you are done.


Answer 10 years ago

hmmm..actually i use msn messenger mac version, i was trying to do the right click thing in the block list....but it does not give me any option to delete them.... :( help needed again :( thanks for answering though! i really appreciate it.