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how to disable low battery shutdown? Answered

I have an old palm treo 700 that I got from a friend a while ago. I wanted to mess with it but when I plugged it in, it gives me a low battery warning and shuts down. The battery doesn't work and wont charge and this even happens when there is no battery plugged in. is there any way to turn this off or get around it? thanks


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

The shutdown can be a number of different things from a comparator to a programmable IC so start by reverse engineering the circuit and find out just how it works first, otherwise just rip out the circuit.


5 years ago

You need to occasionally mark the best answer to your questions..

That aside, Try reading the manual pages 13 to page 17
which outlines the battery charging operation.

Aside from that I cannot foresee any way to get around the electronics hardware.

Try one more thing,  charge a battery outside the Palm and then put it in and
give the Palm software a night to recognize it is being powered up !

Best of Luck...