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how to fix car trunk which is not opening by key? Answered

It is chevy aveo 2008 before it was right but some day before i close from then it does not open i put key in and rotate it then it does not pop up what to do help.thanks




Best Answer 1 year ago

Using google, found on automotiveforums.com, user trology.

09-03-2008, 11:58 PM
latch on my 2006 aveo5 quit working and since the dealer wanted $100
just to look at it, I decieded to tear into it and see if I could save
some bucks.

I had to let down the back seat and down where the inside latch is, there is a trip button to release the latch which I did.

After opening I push in the plastic panel interior pins and pulled them
out of the interior panel and unscewed 2 panel screws by the handle
pocket and removed the panel (5min):tongue: .

The handle on the outside is supposed to be connected to the rod which
when pulled, moves the rod down which pulls ever so lightly accross to
the the release latch. The rod had poped out out of the handle retaining
hole. You could operate the latch easly by pulling the rod that runs
across to the the hatch latch so I knew that part was OK.

The rod would not stay in the handle and I am sure this bad design will show up with other Aveo owners.:eek7:

:naughty: The fix is to put the rod back into the connector and plug
into the handle hole. then zip tie the connector to the handle arm and
since the zip might try and slide off go ahead coat the entire
connection lightly with shoe-goo or silicone and put the door back
together (5min) and this should last as mine has lasted fine ever since.

You can razor cut the zip tie and silicone if you ever need to remove the handle.


Answer 1 year ago

Thanks I have successfully open trunk as I remove back seat then I removed cover beside seat then I get inside trunk then I open lock mechanism then finally it open.


1 year ago

Depending on the type of car you could try this, (it has worked for me in the past) , you need a flat head screwdriver. put the key in and before you turn it, wedge the flat head underneath so that it slightly raises the boot. If you manage to get it open, asses the lock and try see where it is jamming so that it doens't happen in the future.

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Does this car have a button, usually located near the driver's seat, which also causes the trunk to open?

Too easy, right?

Maybe wiggle the key in the trunk lock, while simultaneously pushing the trunk lid up and down, to the extent it will move up and down, the amplitude of that up-down motion might be very limited, maybe a centimeter or less.

Or maybe rip the back seat loose, and climb into the trunk that way, if every previous attempt fails.


1 year ago

If you get the trunk open flick over the lock mechanism with a screwdriver then see what the key does.