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how to fix lego rock raiders on windows 98? Answered

i have The PC game Lego Rock Raiders on my windows 98...now i used to always play this game but now it always crashes to the desktop once i load the game...i dont know what the problem is but i hear that it is a common problem...could anyone help??



Best Answer 10 years ago

If you hear that it's a common problem, someone else will have experienced it and asked the same question. Somewhere on the internet some other person / persons will have answered that question.
What you need to do is format your Google search to find those questions / answers.
I'm going to try:

Lego Rock Raiders windows 98 crashes (click it)

I suggest you try the lego.com link first


DJ Radio

10 years ago

I used to play a game that would run really slowly. It was called lego racers 2. But when we moved to a new apartment, it would run fine. The PC probably needs to be unplugged and replugged, or maybe your environment needs to be adjusted.