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how to fix permanently unstable and stutter LEDs strip 2812b in my Arduino ambilight project? Answered

why after several weeks with my LED strip (2812b) some LEDs tends to stuck or stutter and with them the rest of the strip (up the din stream)?
This mostly happens under white light. And after several weeks of use.
 It seems like I never can enjoy them without worries of led slaving... You replace the cultprit enjoy some time and than the problems starts again.
Also whenever I open the strip I put ambibox options on colors dynamics than they stutter for awhile until they warmup. then I switch the option on ambibox to screen capture for the rest of use, where under white light they stutter again( I guess white withdraw the max current and this cause the din line to "crash")
i have the wires, resistor and cap connected appropriately following the tutorials online. 
The V shows around 4.7 and the power connected to two places as I use 160 LEDs with 5V 10A PS. 

hope someone can help
thanks for your time



3 years ago

No clue what you are talking about as the required details to understand it are missing from your posting.
You might know what you did and used but you can't assume everyone here is a mind reader ;)

In general I would rule out software from hardware problems.
You already stated failing LED's which is an indicator of poor quality or too high supply voltage.
No clue about the code or reqired hardware either due to the above reasons.
If in doubt test with a single LED or connect an oscilloscope to check for problems and or interference.
Otherwise provide all the details we might need and might get a more useful answer.


Answer 3 years ago

OK, sorry lets try again.

I am using ~170 LEDs (2812b) with a 10A 5V PS. the power is connected to two parts of the strips due to voltage drop that results in a yellowish white color close to the end of the strip.

i also added a 1000uF 6.3V Cap on the PS and A 470ohm Resistor on the Din starting point. GND connected to the Arduino and Ambibox software in use.

after a few weeks of usage and especially on startup the LEDs starts to flicker or stuck on a certain color up until led (x). few minutes later it overcome whatever problem it had and works regularly. but on white color (guess when it consume the max current) it start to flick again mostly on this led(x) again.

of course, I replaced led(x) and led(x-1), enjoy a few weeks of the ambilight project working perfectly and then another led(y) want my attention and again and again....

should I replace the whole strip? am I using too much current? is it a known issue?or there is a galaxy where this leds replacement slaving don't occur.

thanks in advance