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how to fix your laptop from having a blackout screen? Answered



7 years ago

You'll need to provide more info... Is the laptop on? Do you hear any start up sounds (and just get a black screen)? Have you tried closing the lid and re-opening it in case there's something loose? Could the battery just be dead?

Without more information, its really hard to tell you what the problem might be and therefore what you should try doing. ;-)


Answer 7 years ago

+1... This is basically the same as saying "my car isn't working. How do I fix it?"

Jack A Lopez

7 years ago

Have you tried pointing a flashlight into it?  If you do this, and you can sort of see things on the screen, just barely, but the screen no longer seems to be luminated, by a, how do you say, by a "light from within"

If this "light from within" has gone dark, then it means the so-called "back light" has failed you.

Note this  "backlight" is light from the back, is light from the behind, which is light from within, which is the same thing, really.

There may be other reasons why the screen being dark too. For example, the screen is also being dark when the laptop is turned off.


7 years ago

There could be power-saving features in the BIOS or operating-system, have you checked these? (that is assuming your problem is that the screen turns black after a certain time of inactivity)