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how to gain weight? Answered

i am pretty darn skinney, its just that i have a excessively fast metabolism i eat a ton, all the time im always eating at 6 foot 130lbs im not that big but i do eat alot huge meals and i do get exercise its not like i stay inside and play video games i dont even like video games i dont see why people like them so much but i do get exercise so how would i gain weight



8 years ago

Bulk up by lifting weights. Drink protein shakes while at it. A protein rich diet combined with weight lifting is your solution. If you do not have the money for protein shakes, eat tuna, lots of lean protein.


8 years ago

You may well simply be at your natural weight. Although you could put on weight - either muscle or fat as soon as you stop making the effort your likely to return to your natural weight .

If your healthy stop worrying about it.

Is it your shape your concerned or your weight in pounds??

If it's the shape then body building may help to change. it


8 years ago