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how to generate power sufficient to run a television in homes using less money and simple means.? Answered




10 years ago

My 'television' is a 300 watt projector on an 8 foot screen. My computer monitor is 40-50 watts. Our CRT tv is 60 watts.

You need to figure out how much power your tv needs 'at any given moment', then calculate how much you use your tv.

Say I use my projector 4 hours. I need 300 watts * 4 hours = 1200 watt hours, or 1.2kWh.

Now we know how much total power we need for average use, we need to figure out how to generate it, and how to store it. We need batteries capable of storing 1.2kWh (plus some for inefficiency) say 2kWh to be safe so it doesn't die halfway thru a show ;). Watts are Volts times Amps, so 2000Wh, in a 12 volt storage system, is 2000Wh/12V = 166 Amp-Hours. Car batteries (or any batteries) come rated with a voltage and storage in amp hours. AA batteries at ~ 1Ah arent gonna cut it.

Now you have storage, you need to generate the power. Wind, solar, pedal bike, whatever. Calculate the need with "how much time can you be generating", and "how many watts can you generate at a time"?
Solar you can expect 5-8 hours of useful 'full power' sunlight per day.
Wind, check your local US geological survey or Canada Weather guide to find your average wind. How hard can you pedal? You can expect to generate 50-100 watts at full tilt on a pedal bicycle.

Example solar: say 7 hours of good generation per day. You need 2000 watt hours. 2000 watt hours / 7 hours = 285 watts. You need solar panels that can produce 285 watts in direct sunlight for 7 hours to produce 2kWh. (you could power other stuff too, or less, these are all example numbers)

Now you need a Charge Controller. This is a device that stops your generator from destroying your batteries once they're fully charged.

Lastly you need an Inverter. This converts DC power to AC power that most appliances use. The good ones are pretty efficient, hovering around 90-95% efficient.

Solar and wind generation are somewhere around 7-10 dollars per watt, installed, and another 5-10 for storage, installed. Best case scenario if you can source some of the parts yourself, the 285 watt solar system would cost ~12/watt * 285 watts = $ ~3500. This is why not everyone has one yet. We need people with the means to purchase alt energy to overlook the obvious 'it will never pay itself off' and buy it on the grounds that the EARTH, and following generations need us to cut back on dirty power consumption.