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how to get someone's comments removed Answered

Someone who is sure they are right is posting in one of my instructables.
The project works, and I have done all the math there is to do, but this guy is totally convinced that despite the fact that my design works perfectly and always has, that his math proves it shouldn't and/or is doomed to failure.
I really don't want the banter that is there to stay there, and personally I'd just like him blocked from posting anything further to my instructable.
I made the analogy of the wright brothers making the airplane, and while everyone was looking up at it in flight, he was on the ground pointing out how it was impossible, and attempting to prove it to everyone.

It's neither constructive nor helpful, and I'd like it gone.

Someone please help me in how I go about this.
I don't think it's gone to the point of abuse, but it's close.
I've flagged things as "not nice" before, and nothing was ever done about it.



5 years ago

there are people out there, their only job is to find faults. If you look at these peoples' profile you can find some of them never posted any instructable... Do not worry about them

Anyhow there are other members who will come up with a proper reply to the criticism as happened in one of my instructables


5 years ago

To make an analogy, as the first airplane was being demonstrated, he was on the ground trying to point out all the reasons it can't work or will fail according to all the vast knowledge in math and physics and aerodynamics at his disposal to all the people looking up at the plane in awe - bent on proving he was smarter than the Wright brothers, and that they were idiots.


5 years ago

If the comments are flaggable, then flag them, and a member of staff will review them.

If the comment breaks the rules, it will be removed, but if it is simply a matter of disagreement, that is unlikely to happen.

In the case if a disagreement over performance, the best thing to do is present your data, or maybe a video to show it works, then refrain from responding to every comment he makes. (I could given more specific advice if you indicated which exchange you are talking about. You can PM me if you want,.)


Reply 5 years ago

Well, it's already taken care of actually.
Funny thing is, it was someone responding TO a video PROVING WHY what I did works! LOL!
Anyway, we trashed all the comments on the instructable, so it all looks spankin' new.