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how to grow onions from onion sets? Answered

I do a lot of gardening but have never grown onions from onion sets.  Any tips for success?  When and where do I plant?  How deep?  When to harvest?


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11 years ago

Funny you should ask.... I just read an article about this

- Plant onion sets in modular trays, such as 40-cell polystyrene ones. They can be planted indoors around this time every year (Feb).
- Push onion sets into each module. Sink them up the the neck.
- Soon shoots shall emerge from each bulb. Within a few weeks
- They will need an area outside in a warm subnny position. Dig in garden compost to help retain moisture. Tread it firm with a rake.
- Thoroughly water the onions before planting. Plant the bulbs deep enough to bury them, 10-15cm apart.
- Firm the soil tightly around each
- They'll be ready to harvest in August and September. When they've finished growing the leaves will bend over  and die down. They can then be lifted and stored.

If you're in the UK, I copied this from page 74 of the BBC's March 2010 edition of Gardener's World. :)


Answer 10 years ago

     What kind of soil or compost do you put in the modular tray?
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