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how to keep things from being awkward?? Answered

I have a boyfriend. And these friends of my boyfriend and I are putting to much pressure on us we skipped the3 steps and we kissed, hug and hold hands but there always telling us that we have to be together always and then, I just want to hang with my friends and they embarrass me in front of him I know there just trying to make me blush but he doesn't laugh he helps me but with all our friends they give him advice and I'm like let's just do what were comfterable with but how do we keep things from being awkward?




Best Answer 5 years ago

Tell your friends that, if they were real friends, they would not put pressure on you or embarrass you like that.

It sounds like you and your beau are the only sensible ones in your group.


5 years ago

just say to your jellous friends to be happy for you and they need to grow up