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how to kill wasp,hornet,cicada killer nests that r burrowed in&on sand all around our pool? Answered

we have already tried with no sucess white powered pesticides & soaking them with vineager


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8 years ago

How did you apply the white powdered pesticide? I eradicated a yellow jacket nest three days ago with one application of Sevin powder. I used a squeeze bottle of the type commonly used for mustard or ketchup (catsup?) filled about 3/4 full and gave it a good squeeze in the entrance to the nest. Approx. half of the Sevin that was in the bottle went into the nest so I decided to wait until the next day to see if another application was needed. The first shot killed the nest. The powder should work better than liquid because the insects will carry the pesticide to all parts of the nest, while a liquid will only hit the lower sections and be absorbed into the surrounding earth.. I learned this a couple of years ago from a professional pest control guy. I hope it helps.