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how to lace ladies converse shoes? Answered

two laces, two tongues, one set of grommets


Electric Spectre1

10 years ago

Well if you look at my picture thing beside my name its a pair of these kind. Double layer converse all stars and you lace each layer like a regular pair of converse. If it has two tongue but only one set of washers and they are on the outer layer then lace them with only one lace normally. Also I suggest straight lace not X lacing, it makes them easier to get on and off, especially if they are high tops. Straight lace should look like this --> ( | | | | |) ) if the picture turns out. If you like straight lace but you don't know how to do this then private message me and I will give you instructions. P.S.- the shoe in my picture was the one I was wearing I got hit by a car so it is kind of.......destroyed doesn't seem to do it justice.

treehugggerElectric Spectre1

Answer 10 years ago

hi. i just got my first pair of converes and they are hi tops and i have no idea how to lace them. i dont know how to straight lace them either. do i need to use one lace to straight lace or two? they are also double layer converes with two sets of laces. (white & black) please reply quickly telling me how to lace them. thanks so much!