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how to make 12v dc operated drive for 15 pcs. high power LED's? Answered

I wants to make circuit for using 15 pieces 1watt/350ma high power LED's. So how can i make it?? I have 12volt/5Amp DC input. So please reply suggessions. I havnt heat sink in my LED's, so heat sink is must required or can i use without it. I wants to make car head light by using it. looking forward replies...prashant


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11 years ago

use this wizard to design your circuit

install leds on aluminium back panel (like part from window frame) with thermal pads (recommended) or thermal compound (like in computer cpu) and make sure you dont have shorts

place resistors somewhat away so that they dont add heat to the panel

pwm (555 chip and transistors) is recommended to have lower electricity use and less heat from resistors. but start with just resistors to see how its gonna work at all