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how to make (DIY) glass that keep the heat of the drink ex for hot coffee? Answered

i like to drink coffe, but it getting cold easily. i wonder how to make my own simple, DIY, glass that can preserve the heat of my drink. thanks before :)



Best Answer 10 years ago

If you want to use glass then you need a double walled system (as Alicat5380 mentioned), the air gap between the two glasses works as your insulator.
Some glass is prone to cracking from the sudden heat difference from adding hot liquid, they make high-heat glass but it's something I'm not sure you can do at home, Pyrex is an example. Another thought with glass is to add a reflective membrane on the outside (shiny side facing in), just like a real thermos does. You might be able to use a shiny craft spray paint for the shine.

After all this thought, you're better off using a real coffee mug.
Mugs can be made from a variety of materials but all the ceramic based ones work with the same principle, small pockets of air trapped in the ceramic create an insulating barrier between your hot bevvy and your tender hands (see the similarities here between the double walled glass?).

Hope this helps!


10 years ago

You want a Dewar flask?
Not a good idea as they require things like glass-blowing skills, high temperatures, mirroring techniques and vacuum-pumps. And they break fairly easily too.
Wrapping a coffee-cup in insulating foam works pretty well - see what you can find (or even bubble-wrap) and make a "jacket".
You might even get it into the sewing comp - if you justify it as being able to keep kids' drinks cool too?



10 years ago

take 2 cups, one that's smaiier then the other and leaves atleast a 1/4"-1/2" gap between them both. place smaller inside larger and fill with expanding foam. top with something like er, i dunno waterproof ducttape?