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how to make a 12 v regulated power supply? Answered

i want to make a 12v power supply.the input voltage is 220v\50hertz.please guide me with full and complete construcyion and making of power supply along with the equipments and their configurations.




7 years ago

How much current do you want to have? If you could get an old computer power supply you could convert it to a desktop power supply To do this you just need to short the green signal wire to one of the black ground wires.

If you look in the related instructables to the right of this you will see a couple tutorials on converting a computer power supplies.


7 years ago

Here is a 12v power supply.the input voltage is 220v\50hertz.



7 years ago

There is quite a lot of information required to answer your question starting with:

What current are you needing

Where are you in the world

Up to a amp or so it may be easier to buy a wall wart type power supply.

What is your electronic experience

The short answer is to go to here  and look at the data sheets (The PDF file at the end of the description for a suitable regulator in the current range your looking for . The data sheet will give you typical circuits.