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how to make a 8 strand round braid that creates a pattern and takes very little skill, time, and string? Answered

i was wanting to make a sling (David and Goliath), but this time i wanted to make it with and 8 strand braid. i want a sling around 30 inches (measured from center of the pouch to the end of the cord). which leaves me with about 29 inches of braid each, 29 x 2 (the 2 cords) = 58 inches of braid. 58inches x 8 (number of strands) equals (*grabs calculator) 464 inches. going like this only gives me 8 strands laid side by side, not braided. i'm willing to spend 525 inches on the braid max.

anyone know a good one?

P.S. i already have seen kiteman's 8 and 16 strand braid. this is not what i'm looking for, i would rather do a hand braid. weird preference but...



10 years ago

I know you've seen my finger loop braids. You can change braids in the middle, then change back. If you start with the square braid, then switch to the split braid, and back to the square braid, you can make the whole thing in one go, and probably around 10 minutes - all by hand. It makes a very strong rope because all the cords are continuous. You aren't making any joining knots in the middle.