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how to make a AA battery for psp? Answered

i cut and stripped the wires of the end bit of the charger and there are 2 wires white and red but i don't know which is positive or negative. also if i use a battery pack that says 3.6v on it but it has 3xAA's inside will it short my psp or blow it up or break it id appreciate the help to anyone who gives it.



Best Answer 10 years ago

if you check the back side of the charging plug there should be a little drawing showing that the inside is positive and the out side is negative. use a volt meter and a battery to find out which wire goes where. also it will not work with only 3.6v I suggest that you use a voltage regulator and a 6 or more volt battery, you could use 4 AA / AAA, one 9v, one J battery (yes it exists), or 2 lithium batteries you could find out more about voltage regulators at https://www.instructables.com/id/2-Cassette-Box-CellphoneUSB-Charger/

(note: I have a Canadian model psp that I used for reference if you' re from another country it might be different.)