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how to make a dolls house? Answered

I want to make a doll's house with lights please for my sylvanian families! Please help. (>'-')> Thanks.



8 years ago

I was thinking about lighting up a dolls house (yet to be made) using a set of LED garden lights powered by a solar panel. The lights on the set I have are about 10cm apart and either remove the lights and reconnect the wire not wanted or rewire. The solar panel can be attached to the roof and the light sensor covered so more control over when the lights come on (switch underneath the panel would need reworking)


10 years ago


Here's a start. I've been considering adding lights to some of mine- haven't tried this yet, but I was thinking a string of christmas lights might work, if you could attach it around the outside of the house and poke the lights through the walls wherever you wanted them. It's a LOT cheaper than commercial doll's house lights. I've also used flashlights for lamps before.