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how to make a easy headboard using foam board? Answered

I need to make a lightweight headboard. I have a 3 panel screen I thought about using, but would like to use foam board because its light weight. No fancy designs, just basic square shape maybe covered with microsuede.



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11 years ago

I just recently made a simple headboard out of foam.
materials used:
foam board
glue gun
cotton batting (just because it was inexpensive, but I suppose you can use any thin foam)
picture hanger

  Used a glue gun to secure cotton batting to foam board
  place fabric on top of cotton batting, ensuring the fabric overlapped the cotton. Glue the fabric to the foam board.  II also sewed the corners of the fabric to ensure the fabric wouldn't dislodge from the headboard.
I then attached the adhesive 3m picture hangers to the wall and headboard to attach the headboard to the wall.