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how to make a engrave from brass? Answered

how to make a engrave from brass?



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Answer 10 years ago

Ugh. I've done it that way (for a PCB of all things). much easier to mask & etch or mill. However, you make a good point that I clearly failed to provide. Jewelers and cash plate makers can't be all wrong. I don't think they're making master plates for printing cash using laser or other method etching yet, and there must be a good reason.


10 years ago

You can either chemically etch the surface of the brass plate or mechanically etch it.

The first is performed using a chemical etchant such as Ferric Chloride after applying an etch resist mask to the areas you do NOT want etched. Look for "how to make a printed circuit" using google or similar, or for that matter, just use the search engine here at Instructables for directions on how to get started. Chemically etching brass is very similar to chemically etching printed circuit boards.

The second is performed using a suitable mill or laser.

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