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how to make a light fixture battery powered? Answered


This is the light i would like to make battery powered. as you can see its about as simply of a light fixture as you can get. I just need it battery powered because im going to put it above a door and there is no plug anywhere near it. i would be greatful for any help thanks



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11 years ago

Best solution: Start by finding a bulb that meets your needs and will run on low-voltage DC. Build the lamp around that. Think flashlight. If you insist on trying to use normal 110VAC bulbs, you need much higher voltage -- I'm guessing around 70VDC -- or you need to think about running your battery through an inverter (off-the-shelf units, made for cars, are typically 12V in, 120VAC out). Note: No matter what you do, you need to think about efficiency of the bulb. Incandescents draw a lot of power, which means you need a large battery to keep them going brightly for any significant length of time.... and large batteries take longer to charge. (Remember, power in watts is volts times amps, and any variety of inverter or DC-to-DC transformer can only trade off volts versus amps -- you can't gain wattage that way, and in fact you will undoubtedly lose some. First and Second Law of Thermo.)