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how to make a line follower robot? Answered


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8 years ago

Lots of help in the right column >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And basic information and equipment available here , here and here



Answer 8 years ago

If you just want general information:

You need a mobile robot - usually a simple chassis with 2 motors Steering is done by stopping one motor whilst the other turns. A more gentle turn can be achieved if one motor is just slowed rather then stopped.

You need a way to detect the line to follow - Usually 3 or more photo sensors are mounted in front of the robot looking at the floor/line. these detect the line middle and left and right edges.

The output from the detector is processed by an on board microprocessor to produce drive information for the motors.

See the Picaxe links I gave you this isn't too difficult especially if you buy in the hard bits like the line sensor array.