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how to make a manga? Answered

A japenese comic



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Best Answer 12 years ago

print out the wanted pic and copy it with backlight (window or flatron displaying white background

you should get the configuration of lines in your mind

now display the image on the flatron (or scotch it to the back side of the window) and try to copy it from there. itll be blurred. you still have hint on proportions but now its up to you to define the exact shape and curve of lines

now yu are ready to draw your character on your own. try and improve

now alter ! change a line here or there and see how it affects your result. try to come up with something closer to your way of drawing

few hints :

use sharp and single lines. thin lines preferred. each line segment should be drawn in 1 continuous stroke or minimum strokes possible

(line segment = a border of face has 4 segments of line except the hair spikes at the top)

do not repeat a line and do not paint with your line pen (except small stuff like pupils in the eyes etc). use proper color pen for each shadow etc

most lines in a character are allways a bit curved. experiment with the direction of curve

clothes tend to fold up a bit in the corners. dont skip over that

line should be brave and realistic and minimalistic. draw it the way it is with minimum line possible

you dont draw trash animation !

skip selectively over lines to reduce the black-ness of your drawing

dont make anything too explicit except the most important part of the drawing

more advanced hints :

get familiar (get into) the characters you are drawing. be him. live him. sleep him

i started being ash ketchum'y when one student at the arts workshop nicked me ash. since then i live ash. i am ash. i am myself and myself is ash

that goes apart of coming to afterschool hours wearing ash hat / gear and throwing pokeballs around ;)