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how to make a power bank to charge your laptop? Answered

I have an idea to make a power bank that can charge my laptop, but I don't know how to make it.
The adapter input is 100v-220v~ 1.83A and the output is 19.7v ~3.87A
Please, I really want to make it real and I think many people have the same idea, so I need your help.


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4 years ago

You already have one it is called a battery pack.

1. 19.7 x 3.87 is around 76 watts That's a lot of power.

2. Charging Lipo batteries requires a lot of management, There are chips out there to do this but your going to need electronic skills to use them correctly.

3. Buy a second battery pack, keep it charged and double the time you have with your lap top, buy 3 and triple it. This is effectivly the same thing.

A power bank is a second set of batteries to recharge a mobile device, sensible if the device is low powered, but your lap top isn't