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how to make a remote control boat from a remote control plane? Answered

I am trying to find instructions on how to make a remote control boat from a remote control plane . this is for a high school project. the project requires making a rc boat from a rc plane. Please help if you can.




7 years ago

This instructable on making a remote control submarine out of a remote control car may give you some more ideas. The principles are the same.


10 years ago

well, while I have no earthly idea why one would want a R/C boat over a plane is beyond me(must be the AERO engineer in me....) the easiest, and I would imagine most fun way would be to rig a hull similar to a carolina skiff's(if it helps, we always call them floating coffins, but that's here in the south :) mount a bit of a stand to put the propeller and motor on, but make sure it doesn't hit the water, not enough torque or water-proofing provided by those motors. and then you can either: 1). put a rudder down in the water (while keeping the servo as dry as you can, or 2). put the rudder behind the prop and you have basically an airboat. Like what they use down in the bayous. I would prefer to do the second one, as it would skid across old terra firma too, and that seems like it woulf be really fun to drive.......oh, and you would have one servo(the one that did the vertical adjustments on the plane) left for any fun mischief you could hook to it. Drop me a PM if you do this and make an -ible, that would be nifty


10 years ago

This should be easy. Identify what the handset controls on the plane - wing surfaces, engine throttle. There will probably be controlled by servos? All you have to do is hook the plane engine-throttle servo to the boat engine and the plane's surface servo to the rudder. Yes? L