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how to make a resistant box? Answered

I need an idea! I'm a magician and i want to create my magic bag. I thought that i can make the wood box with nails and after i can veneer it. The problem is that I never made anything in wood.  So the question is: is it a resistant box or not? do you have some advice?

(Sorry for my english :S)

thank you!


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6 years ago

Do you know what size of the box is required and maybe you have seen a design you want to make? There are "steamer trunks" or luggage type boxes that are usually used by magicians. They can be made of wood or else fiberboard covered with canvas/leather/fabric/decoupage/stickers/paint. It can be trimmed on the edges with metal or leather strips and nails. They are strong, did you want to make one where you can stand on it? You could always brace and reinforce with a frame on the inside.