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how to make a smoke bomb snapper? Answered

does any1 know how top make a smoke bomb that u snap like a glowstick and it starts smokeing i have heard of these and want to know how to make them or where to buy for use in airsoft wars



Best Answer 9 years ago

Never made a 'snap' one, but here's a comparably easy to use 'strike anywhere' version me and the guys used to light off all the time.

Mix white sugar and potassium nitrate (KNO3 - find at a hydroponics/fertilizer store) in a ratio of 5 parts KNO3 : 3 parts sugar.

Heat it gently over a camp stove OUTDOORS until it melts into a goopy mass. It's OK if there are still a lot of crystals, as long as it sticks together. If you get it too hot it will all go off at once. Stir it regularly and thoroughly.

Pour/scoop it out into sticks of the size you choose or cast it into tubes (toilet paper roll works well.) While it's still goopy, break a strike-anywhere match in half and jam it in so the red match head is in good contact with the smoke compound.

When it's smoke time, simply strike and toss! I like to keep a small match box for striking since you can't really trust the 'strike anywhere' head that much.

This compound is "hygroscopic" which means it loves to absorb moisture. Don't get it wet or it will not ignite. If it gets really wet, it will dissolve! Keep it in a sealed jar when not using it to protect it from humidity.


Answer 9 years ago

Thanks i will have to try that...how much smoke goes off?    thanks again


Answer 9 years ago

Lots of smoke. I guess enough to fill an ordinary sized backyard from a toilet paper roll size. Smoke dissipates fast outside though if there is any sort of breeze, so if you're playing airsoft it's kind of toss it and go go go!