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how to make an HF ham amplifier? Answered

I want to know how to build an amateur radio amplifier for the HF bands


Andy UU1CC

9 years ago

When someone asked about an amplifier, I deduced that he already got his license - Pirates usually asked about "Transmitter", not amplifier.

I plan to post an instructable about my simple 300w grounded grid amplifier later, but right now I can offer one of articles from my (very new) blog: timelesson.blogspot.com/2009/12/there-was-book-of-books-in-early-1970s.html

3xGU-50 amplifier from this article you can see on the photos. Hand-made in 1987 :-)


9 years ago

Just a quick question. Are you looking for an amplifier to increase transmit power or an amplifier for receiving signals (RF preamplifier)?


10 years ago

Get your Ham License First and all will be revealed. The test has gotten to be very easy. Get the "Gordon West Technician Handbook" order it through Radio Shack. 35 multi guess questions. Read book through 5 times and only the right answers. Then call ARRL @ 1-888-277-5289 and ask for V.E.C. License Info for your area. Take EASY test. Pass it and all will be revealed.