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how to make an compressed air powered bike? Answered

plz tell me about d price of a rotary air engine n itz working



10 years ago

I actaully saw a show on it once. It was on "planet Mechanics" and they made an air powered bike. They had two large scuba tanks filled with air and had a rotarty type engine. I believe they give the name of their engine on the show. You can youtube it for short clips or you can probably find the torrent and download the episode.


10 years ago

Here's a good article about the different types of air motors.http://hydraulicspneumatics.com/200/FPE/MotorsActuators/Article/True/6422/MotorsActuators
Here's an ad for a book to tell you how to convert gasoline engines to run on air.http://www.fuellessusa.com/AIR.html
This motor looks like it would be almost perfect for your use.
It is 5 hp. 2500 rpm. weighs 28 lbs, and is reversible. You just need plumbing, a tank, mounting brackets, valves and a bicycle.