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how to make an isokinetic Answered

hi every body

i want to design an iso kineticsystem for body building gyms...

Isokinetics means exercise performed with a specialized apparatus
that provides variable resistance to a movement, so that no matter how much effort is exerted, the movement takes place at a constant speed...

i don't know how can i make a mechanism that it can make a resistance for the same speed of machine because of my field of study is computer but i had to design a isokinetics machine...

but i think that it can be in some path:

1) it can be electro mechanical by using a DC motor with some gear.

2)it can be made by a cylinder that it has a little hole,and we can move oil into the cylinder by cylinder movement but oil moving happened with same speed such as car Shock absorber.


please help me for design and make an isokinetics.

this is my mail: sin.majidi@gmail.com

i waiting for your helpful proposal.


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